October 14, 2008

Come Make History in Ohio

From mid-October through Election Day, Vote Today Ohio will help thousands of voters cast their ballots in the safest, smartest way possible - at Early Vote Centers.

We're looking for volunteers to help Ohioans votes before their ballots can be lost to long lines, broken machines and problems on Election Day. We'll be operating in 10 teams spread out over 3 cities - Cleveland, Cincinnati and Columbus. Our goal is to bring 5000 more new and unlikely voters to the polls.

If you want to make a tangible, strategic difference in this election, join us. Tell us which of our four Action Blocks will suit you best, then fill out our Volunteer Intake Form. We'll contact you within 48 hours to talk about your placement and team.

If you have more questions, find out How The Program Works, or read our Volunteer FAQs.

In your heart, you know you can't sit this one out. So put aside your daily routine. Come make history with us.

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